Built in 1848

  • Dutch windmill with gallery
  • "Under Mill" in bricks
  • Octagonal wooden over mill covered with cuts
  • Bulbous hat covered with cardboard
  • Wings fitted with flaps
  • The mill yaws with a wind rose
The mill was built 1848 as a flour mill and was operated until 1949.

Today, the mill is still used for grinding wheat into flour. The voluntary team, the "Egeskov Møllelaug", sells all the flour they can grind in its spare time.

Until 1926, Egeskov Mill belonged to Egeskov Manor. In 1950 it was taken over by Kværndrup Mill League, which, in 1987, donated the mill to Ryslinge Municipality. Today, Egeskov Mill is owned by Svendborg Museum. Egeskov Møllelaug is responsible for the day-to-day running of the mill as well as receiving tourists, school classes and other guests, many of them from the neighbourhood.

A little history
The name Egeskov (oak forest) can be traced back to medieval times and, as the name suggests, the area consisted mostly of oak trees. Originally, the mill was only a watermill. It was not until 1768 that it was referred to as a windmill, but this was situated more to the south than the present mill, namely at Højbjerg Field. This mill blew down on Christmas Eve 1830. A new windmill was built in the current position 1848.
In 1952 the mill became known throughout the entire country as it was depicted on the new 10 krone bills by illustrator Ib Andersen.
In January 1956 the hat and wings blew down during a violent storm. The mill was restored by using the hat and wings from Højlund Mill in Gudbjerg.
A large quantity of the mill equipment was preserved during the great restoration in 2005 and the mill is operated as described above. After the restoration in 2005, Ryslinge Municipality handed over the mill to Svendborg Museum for the symbolic sum of DKK 10.
A film about the restoration of Egeskov Mølle is available on CD-rom for DKK 25.

Egeskov Møllelaug:
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